School Community and Profile

Wells County is located in the northeastern part of the state of Indiana. There are three public school systems within the county. The Southern Wells Community School System is in the southern most part of Wells County located on county road 300 West six miles south of Liberty Center. The Southern Wells Community is composed of approximately 36 square miles that includes the four townships of Chester, Jackson, Liberty and Nottingham.

There are no large towns or cities within the school district.  However, the townships of Chester, Liberty and Nottingham each have a post office and a volunteer fire department. Chester Township is locating a new fire station and EMS garage in the property adjacent to the school to the south.  There is another post office and fire department in Poneto, a small community in both Southern Wells school district and Bluffton-Harrison school district.  There are several small towns located in the school district which include:  Liberty Center, Poneto, Petroleum, Domestic, Phoenix, Nottingham, Keystone, Mt. Zion,McNatt and Dillman.  The school and churches are the centers for a majority of the activities of the district.  The school functions as the meeting place for groups such as Campus Life, Scouts, 4-H and Farm Bureau.  There is a genuine sense of connection between our school and the community.

Farming is the major enterprise in the school district and there are also a few businesses. Most people are employed in one of the nearby towns or cities which host a wide variety of industries and businesses. Bluffton (County Seat), Montpelier, Hartford City, and Berne are short drives for employment opportunities. Many drive further to work in Marion (25 miles), Muncie (30 miles), or Fort Wayne (40 miles). The parents and patrons of the Southern Wells Community are a hardworking group of individuals who take pride in what they do and maintain a high regard for family standards.  Many of the graduates leave the community for a time but return to raise their families.  This small, rural atmosphere lends itself to a sense of camaraderie and spirit of unity not often found in a more industrialized community.  

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