Drivers Training 2021

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Southern Wells Spring driving will start the week of April 5th and will be completed by Friday, May 20th.   To enroll in Spring:

  • Student MUST be 15 years of age by February 28th.

    • Complete Driver’s Education (online) BY March 16th. Or you can enroll in the Summer driving which will begin June 1st.  

  • Student/Parent must submit non-refundable deposit of $100 to be eligible for on-line class and driving.

  • Student/Parent will receive the online code for www.welcomedriver.com

  • Student/Parent pay $35 to www.welcomedriver.com for online course. (Note: Student has 61 days to complete course without additional charge)

  • The Certificate of Driver’s Education (C.D.E.) will be issued from Southern Wells dated no earlier than three weeks prior to the start of the driving.  The online course certificate of completion is not an acceptable document.  It must be the school CDE form.

  • Driving groups will be assigned on the following criteria:

    • 1. Successful completion of www.welcomedriver.com course

    • 2. Final payment of $235 for SW students and $275 for non Southern Wells Students is due before entering the car.

    • 3. Presentation of Learner’s Permit issued by the BMV

    • 4. Will work with sports schedules.

  • Driving instruction will start after student has been assigned to a driving group.  (Note: Any missed driving appointments without 24 hour notice will result in a $25 penalty, which must be paid prior to the waiver test being administered).

  • Following successful completion of driving instruction, the student will be assigned to take the BMV waiver test to be administered by Southern Wells.

  • Following successful completion of BMV waiver test, the student’s Lerner’s Permit will be signed and stamped.

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