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Daily Elementary Announcements

Southern Wells Elementary

“Work Hard in Difficult Times…Stay Strong”

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

We will now have a moment of silence…


Guest teachers:



Leland Heath


Raider of the Day:

Aiden Clark ~ Mrs. Frazee ~ follows directions and is a good listener


Braelyn Boyer ~ Ms. Inskeep ~ thinking of others by sharing her kites for Music



Salads, sack lunch or 

Rectangle pizza


Cooked broccoli

Assorted veggies

Rice krispy treat


The only option for this Friday’s lunch will be Lockermate sack lunch.  


School news:

6th graders ~ Jr./Sr. High Cheer Clinics continue today after school from 3:15-5:00.  Tomorrow is Tryout Day from 3:15-5:00 (this time may be earlier or run later depending on how many students attend tryouts).  


Girls Basketball Camp continues today   

4th grade will visit 5 Points School today 


Today the Kindergartener’s will have their Recognition Program at 1:30pm.  3 guest per student may attend.  Parents, please park in the back of the school and enter through Door #33.


Today is the last Wednesday for Walking Club.  Top walkers so far are Lucy Palmer, Camryn Hamilton, & Keeton Carroll


There is NO Garden Club this week. The final meeting will be next Wednesday, May 19 until 4:30. Students should be prepared to work outside


Today is National School Nurse’s Day!  If you see Nurse Roush today, please thank her for all she does and tell her how much she is appreciated!


Thanks for being a part of the Raider family


Please stand for the Pledge




Raider Day at the Movies permission slip (for those that qualified) is due TODAY by NOON. NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED!! 


Karing for Kids will be supplying backpacks and school supplies to students in need again this year. If you feel your child/children will be in need of assistance with school supplies for the 2021-22 school year you can complete the form online at (Go to School Supply/Carnival page)  by June 1st. If you would like to register on a paper form, contact the school counselor for more information. **You must register by this deadline to be guaranteed a backpack & supplies. Please provide your email address. You will receive an email response that we have received your form. That will be your verification your child is registered. Please make sure to contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at (260) 348-5089 (this is our Supplies Coordinator Becky’s cell phone number - leave a message) for any questions or to update your address &/or phone number.  Backpack pick up will be at the Jennifer’s Closet location on Saturday, July 31st from 9-11 a.m.


ATTENTION 5th grade parents:  The Indiana State Department of Health has added an immunization requirement for next years (2021-2022) sixth graders.  Your child now needs to have a Meningitis/Meningococcal vaccine and a Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis) vaccine before the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  Please send updated immunization records to the school.  Thank you. 


Wells County Health Department will not be having a Covid Vaccine Clinic here for our older students as there was not enough interest expressed at this time from the recent survey


Summer Reading Skills Program 

This summer, help your child become a confident, enthusiastic reader in the Summer Reading Skills Programs, in partnership with Xavier University a non-profit organization and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.
Strengthen Skills, Build Confidence, Enjoy Reading
 These programs teach key reading skills for every grade, from phonics and sight words for younger children, to comprehension, textbook strategies and writing skills for older kids, and everything in between.
 Guided by a knowledgeable and supportive teacher, students in these programs experience reading success again and again, developing their skills and building confidence in outstanding books at the right level of challenge for each age.
 Your child will build the skills, confidence, and motivation he or she needs to become an avid, enthusiastic reader, who enjoys reading for school and for pleasure.
How the Programs Work
 Your child will attend weekly live online classes that build skills and provide great experiences with terrific books – books that are filled with interesting characters, exciting storylines, and engaging themes. Between classes, your child will practice reading and complete fun interactive lessons that develop core skills and build confidence.
 An Institute of Reading Development teacher will provide all the support and instruction your child needs to grow as a reader and student.  Your child will get a jumpstart on the next school year and be ready to make it a big success! 

Let’s Discuss Your Child’s Reading Development. 
 Call to speak with a reading program advisor.  



The following dates listed below the cafeteria will be serving sack lunches ONLY to students.  Sack lunches will be the only choice for the day’s lunch.  No salads or hot lunches will be available.  Students may bring their lunch from home if they wish.

5/14-Lockermate sack lunch with beef stick with milk

5/19- MCI lunch kits- peanut butter pouch with crackers and 2 fruits and milk

5/20-Uncrustables, cheese stick and a meal kit with milk


Jr./Sr. High Cheer Tryouts

Clinic Day 1: Tuesday, May 11; 3:15-5:00

Clinic Day 2: Wednesday May 12; 3:15-5:00

Tryout Day: Thursday May 13; 3:15-5:00 (this time may be earlier or run later depending on how many students attend tryouts).

Make sure to bring shorts/ sweatpants, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt to the clinic/ tryouts!

Please direct any questions to Coach Cassie Moser at [email protected].


Childcare scholarship opportunity:

Build, Learn, Grow scholarships are being offered by the Indiana Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning to help support Hoosier families in connecting to high-quality learning opportunities. Families classified as essential workers with income between 128% and 250% of the Federal Poverty Limit can receive scholarships for each child age 0-12 in their household. As an example, a family of four earning $66,000 per year will qualify for a Build, Learn, Grow scholarship.  Scholarships will cover 80% of tuition for early care and education, summer learning and before- and after-school care from May-October 2021. You can check to see if your family qualifies and begin your application at




4th grade to 5 Points School


Kindergarten Recognition Program @ 1:30pm


2nd grade to Salamonie


Track and Field Day (4th – 6th grade)


5th grade to Salamonie


Raider Day at the Movies (Raider Card Party 2nd – 6th grd.)


6th grade to Ouabache


Kona Snow Cones


5th grade Talent Show


Bus duty ~ Sleppy & Bradley